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We will help you make justified decisions when facing changes in property ownership at any stage along its life cycle. as property developer

THE PURPOSE OF PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT IS TO GROW THE VALUE of properties by making them more attractive and raising their occupancy rate within the limits of the implementation and operation cost.

A SUCCESSFUL DEVELOPMENT PROJECT CALLS FOR A HOLISTIC UNDERSTANDING of the market and the trends, the suitability of the existing property for various uses, including related buildability challenges.

Our services include both management of property development projects and the making of different assessments, analyses, surveys and reports.

Our operating principles are


TIMELY COST ESTIMATION WORK to ensure profitability and the right solutions throughout the project.

WE GIVE JUSTIFIED PROPOSALS ON THE SOLUTIONS chosen for our projects, including reviews of alternative options and related impacts to ensure a controlled and smoothest possible decision-making and progress of the project.

Project management

A goal-oriented project management is the key to reaching better solutions at a lower cost.

With us, your properties will be developed in a controlled manner according to a clear plan. The solutions do not just happen – they must be steered to the goal.

Your property has value. Let’s grow it together!

In our experience, a competent project management can bring savings up to € 400.00 per square metre in tenant modifications and a 5–15% reduction of total costs in major renovation projects.

Skilful and motivated management is conditional on a successful property development project. We specialise in managing projects from most varying starting points.

We steer the project from the preliminary business idea all the way to the completion of the new spatial solution. We will see to it that your project is put on the right track starting from the preliminary development phase, also ensuring that the client’s wishes and targets are considered and the funds allotted by them are applied correctly.

The phases of a property development project can be diverse and full of surprises. We take on a contemplated and holistic approach to the project, adopting a proactive attitude and considering available options.

We assume responsibility for the smoothest possible advancement of the project to the set targets.

We offer a well-rounded set of project and construction management services from the very early stages of a project all the way to its completion:

  • various demands analyses / feasibility plans
  • preliminary project planning
  • profitability / feasibility calculations
  • alternative method statements
  • cost estimation at different project stages
  • project organisation, production and time-schedule planning
  • implementation of the city-planning/zoning process
  • support to leasing activity with various plans and calculations
  • managing the project design team
  • construction management.

Development project’s profitability analyses and business plan

WE INVESTIGATE AND IDENTIFY A PROJECT’S DEVELOPMENT POTENTIAL and give an assessment on the feasibility and profitability of alternative solutions. From us, you can get comparisons of the different development options with detailed calculations to ensure that your decision-making is as easy as possible.

PROPERTIES ARE OUR STRONG SUIT. We can anticipate future demands for changes and related costs reliably at a very early stage. In addition to assessment of alteration costs, we make estimates of future rent levels and project profitability.

Based on similar analyses we prepare the business plan for the project.

We propose comprehensive and justified courses of action for our clients to make the decisions. Our approach considers feasibility, buildability and functionality of the solution, seen from the viewpoint of the user.

We work both independently and as part of the project team.

Technical (and Environmental) Due Diligence (TDD)

TEDD is at its best an excellent analysis of the current state of the property. Unfortunately, its full potential is often not utilized when the current situation is not compared to future visions.

At, we understand costs, solutions, functionality, and feasibility. We also showcase our expertise in our TEDD report:

  • In addition to identifying risks, we assess their probabilities. Not all risks identified in a project are likely to materialize, so it is not advisable to price them in.
  • We clearly present our observations in the report and support them with clear visual materials.
  • Observations are justified to ensure they are understandable.’s TEDD report can easily be expanded to analyse development potential and evaluate the feasibility of development vision of the property.

Cost estimates

The project’s cost estimate / forecast is updated and revised as the project progresses. The first calculation may be quite rough and comprise an estimate based on the experience and similar projects completed earlier. We will always back up our calculations with the calculation criteria applied, whereby it will be possible to return to earlier thoughts and assumptions at a later date, and, if necessary, compare the previous situation with the current project status.

During completion, the calculation becomes more detailed and is finally presented as an accurate cost breakdown to facilitate reliable cost control, forecasting and updating of the calculations.


Cost estimation for alteration works

Tenant negotiation could be at its peak, but it’s challenging to progress because the costs of alteration works are not yet known?

We understand the formation of construction costs almost better than our own income and expenses.

Psst. At the same time, we can assess the carbon footprint of the alteration works and offer suggestions for more sustainable alternatives.

Budget price for alteration works within the same day

We provide you with a ballpark estimate within the same day.

Thanks to our extensive experience, we can outline cost frameworks even if the alteration works are only roughly conceptualized.

Budget-level estimate starting from €250 (excluding VAT) when the intended use of the space remains the same and the cost of alteration works is under half a million.

Exact price for alteration works within two days

You’ll receive a realistic and detailed cost estimate within two days of providing initial information.

When the sum of the alteration works is under half a million, the price is always the same for you: €950 (excluding VAT).

Commercial analyses

Sometimes a commercial analysis is necessary to identify the development potential vested in a project.

The commercial analysis is tailored depending on the individual demands of the project.

Typically the analysis covers the following matters:

  • charting of current situation in the area
  • local actors, typical passage routes and visitor flows
  • future project development prospects and their impact on current project; charting of potential actors.

In addition, the following matters can be assessed:

  • attractive power
  • functionality and development potential of the layout design and traffic connections
  • rent level and lease length analysis and assessment.

For an existing building, the analysis can be further elaborated into a feasibility study, which includes an assessment of necessary changes (essential changes to existing building service technology and structures in particular), demands and costs.

The commercial analysis is used as basis for generating one or more commercially viable and long-term business plans to suit the current market situation and the spaces in question.

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