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Our mission is to help develop and manage your project – with a proper thought.

Purposeful project management is the key to finding better solutions at a lower cost. specialises in property development focusing on leasability, feasibility, construction management and real estate administration.

With us, your properties will be developed in a controlled and contemplated manner. The solutions do not just fall in place – they must be planned and supervised to reach the goal.

Your property has value. Let’s grow it together!


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Laura Vatanen

Laura Vatanen

CEO, Founder

+358 50 348 9889

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High-quality project leadership is our trademark – failure is not an option.

Our success goes hand in hand with yours. We are so confident in the work we do that we give you a satisfaction guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied with us, we will not charge you. as conductor – our way of working


BUSINESS ACUMEN We want good results. Skilled and experienced personnel are our greatest asset. We are enthusiastic about our work and promote equality, security and well-being in creating a working environment to which everyone can bring their contribution. The best results are achieved jointly in a highly motivated and co-operative team that commit to set targets.


INTEGRITY Our activity is based on integrity and transparency. We say what we mean and do what we say. Good news and successful solutions come naturally to us, but we also have the courage to bring up the bad news.


SOLUTION-ORIENTED AND PRAGMATIC APPROACH We take on a solution-oriented and pragmatic approach to finding the best alternatives. We take notice of the targets set and wishes expressed, considering, of course, the realities and costs. When facing challenges we will never give up, but find the way to overcome and solve them.


CARING The starting point of our activity is a caring environment, honesty and responsibility. We always consider the customer, the workmates and other stakeholders involved in our work and the solutions. Responsibility is characteristic to our way of considering others and the environment as well as to the solutions and project management we provide. on LinkedIn

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