in Kuopio

Numerous tenant improvement projects within the S-Pankki Toimitilarahasto have been progressing steadily under’s guidance.

Tiia Vuolle, fund manager for S-Pankki Toimitila, gives special mention to’s ownership of the projects, emphasizing trust in their ability to progress independently while also being available for any necessary support. projects don’t require a separate messenger, as the team communicates in a personable manner regardless of stakeholders. Project Manager Ville Leikas confirms the mutual feeling, describing working on the Toimitilarahasto’s projects as enjoyable and the collaboration as straightforward!

In addition to tenant improvements , larger property development projects have been initiated with Toimitilarahasto. Vuolle mentions that the collaboration with has naturally deepened, extending to’s property development services, which could benefit Toimitilarahasto. Vuolle is excited about this new collaboration with, expecting positive outcomes in this area as well!

Through S-Pankki Toimitilarahasto,’s geographical reach has expanded to Kuopio, where tenant improvements have been successfully implemented. Vuolle also expresses gratitude for’s assistance in developing the Kuopio property, as it has been an active area with significant developments, despite being initially more focused on the Helsinki metropolitan area.

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