Investment management service

Investment Management is a service that we provide to manage development projects and grow their value throughout the investment period. as property manager

Our Investment Management service reviews the properties based on the targets set by the property owner.

We take a holistic approach to managing the functions engaged on the property so as to ensure that its long-term goals can be optimally realised.

Our operating principles

THERE IS ALWAYS ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT. We approach all projects from the development viewpoint.

IMPROVED LEASABILITY is our priority to ensure sustainable changes and the best value.

PLANNING OF RENOVATION DEMANDS is proportioned to the investment period and ESG targets.

Property strategy

We provide the property owner with the information they will need to determine a specific strategy and targets for the property.

The Investment Management service saves the property owner’s resources, when the project management is assigned targets and a framework within which IM can operate independently on the property owner’s behalf while other matters are brought to the property owner as ready-prepared proposals.

A property manager’s role involves binding all activity undertaken on the property to the long-term targets. IM strives to optimise the operation and profits of the property also at times of change. No matter what the moment in a property’s life cycle, these matters will be considered in everything we do.

Development viewpoint Investment Management approaches all projects from the development viewpoint.

The matters subject to improvement vary depending on the demands of the property, potentially affecting the property finances, or – at a certain point in its life cycle – its development prospects. Our service puts the owner’s targets always first.

We follow up the fulfilment of the development targets as part of the assignment.

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Heikki Niemi

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