Project leasing

Leasing led by starts with knowing the property. We identify potential users and comprehend the potential offered by the property.

Lease Management

BUSINESS PLAN The lease management process always starts with preparation of a project development plan or an in-depth analysis of an existing plan.

We investigate and identify a project’s development potential and assess the feasibility and profitability of alternative solutions. Based on the analysis, we prepare a business plan for the project.

LEASE MANAGEMENT The lease marketing is targeted at selected actors according to the business plan, always keeping an eye on the big picture. If the property is partially let, the part remaining vacant must also have an available action plan. We work independently or as part of a larger team.

PROJECT / CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT If the property is successfully let, we offer to provide alteration work management and design supervision. By keeping the entire project well under control we can make sure the original business idea and cost frame are sustained throughout the project.

Our Principles

COMPREHENSIVE PLANNING AND EXECUTION. We always examine the property to be developed comprehensively to ensure a sustainable and functional end result.

ALTERNATIVE REVIEWS WITH PROFITABILITY ANALYSES. As part of the comprehensive plan, various alternatives are assessed, considering their profitability.

COST FRAMEWORK AND LEASE LEVEL ANALYSIS right from the beginning of the project, with continuous monitoring of the project’s finances throughout the project.